Welcome to Swim Thailand

Swim Thailand unites the knowledge and experience of world standard guidelines in training swim instructors and water safety.

Swim Thailand has members from all over the world, including Australia, UK, Japan, Vietnam, France, and Russia plus more.  Our worldwide network grows every day.

What do we do?

We share knowledge and educate people on the many benefits of swimming, developing safety awareness programs, and instilling a love of swimming in the hearts of the people of Thailand.

  • Provides internationally accredited training in Swimming and Water Safety
  • Contributes to improving the quality of swim teaching in Thailand
  • Educates teachers, schools and parents on successful swim teaching techniques
  • Provides a quality resource and supply of registered and approved swimming teachers
  • Promotes the many excellent benefits of learning to swim and water safety
  • Provides products, services and professional development programs
  • Creates employment opportunities
  • Provides a range of support services via its website
  • Offers resources for purchase such as books, videos, CDs, DVDs for professional development
  • Registration and recognition for Coaches and Teachers/Instructors
  • Ongoing professional development via swim school services, support and promotion via Swim Thailand
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Swim Thailand’s Mission

To instill a love and respect of water into the lives of the Thai & International community; and to enable all people in the Kingdom of Thailand to have the opportunity to learn to swim and gain water safety knowledge and confidence.

Our Vision

“To promote the highest standards in the teaching of swimming, survival techniques and other aquatic activities.”

This is being achieved by:

  • Setting standards for swim teaching in Thailand
  • Innovation in education and training at an international level
  • Encouraging swimming and water safety awareness throughout the community
  • Creating opportunities for increased participation in aquatic employment, awareness and activities

Our Goal

Drowning is the number 1 killer of children in Thailand.

Every 3 hours, a child drowns.

Help change these statistics and reduce the incidence of drowning by water safety and swimming knowledge and qualifications.

Share a love of swimming and water safety with your community.

By increasing the amount of trained and qualified swimming teachers in Thailand, we create more swimming and water safety opportunities available to Thai people; thereby spreading the effectiveness of Swim Thailand’s mission to give the gift of swimming to Thailand and change the statistics on drowning of locals, expats and tourists in Thailand.

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Principles and Standards

We follow Australian Standards of Swimming and Water Safety.  We train people to international standards of swimming and water safety for people from all over the world.  Our participants have been from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, France, Germany, South Africa, South America, Australia, Italy, Portugal and Russia.

Swim Thailand, through its trained teachers and associations, has undertaken thousands of swimming lessons, made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children and adults alike, and brought new careers and opportunities to people all over the world.

Join us in our vision to develop a world standard of swim teaching in Thailand and mission to help reduce the statistics on drowning in Thailand.

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Statement of Ethics & Principles


We will manifest the highest level of integrity in all our professional undertakings, dealing with others honestly and fairly, abiding by our commitments, and always acting in a manner that merits the trust and confidence others have placed in us.


We will provide high quality and educationally valuable programs and services. We regularly will evaluate and review our work in order to improve those programs and services and will seek out and adopt exemplary practices.


We will undertake our work with the highest levels of competence and professionalism, regularly seeking and acquiring the training and knowledge necessary to do so. We will do our utmost to ensure the safety, security, and success of students, staff and schools.


We respect the dignity and worth of all people and are attentive and responsive to the beliefs and cultural commitments of others. In the planning, development, and implementation of programs and services we will engage respectfully with the diversity of peoples and perspectives. We will strive to ensure that our programs reflect the diversity of our environment.


In planning, developing, and implementing our programs we will strive to ensure that they are accessible to all qualified individuals, doing our utmost to guarantee that education in water safety and aquatics is available to all.


We will maintain open and readily accessible communication with individuals in our programs and services and with our institutional partners. This includes providing students with the appropriate level of support based on age, experience, language ability, and placement.

Holding these principles constantly in mind, we will extend and improve at all levels, and reflect these principles in our daily choices; we will work for the realization of these principles in our personal and professional conduct.

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