Learn to Swim Teacher Training & TEFL

You can combine your TEFL and Learn to Swim Teacher’s Course..

Learn a Language & Learn to Swim

You can learn a language (Thai, English, Russian. Chinese) and Learn to Swim or Advanced Swim Training – intensive.


Internships available include English and/or Swimming & Water Safety; business skills, teaching experience, management and marketing.


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“Swim Thailand gave me a skill to last me a lifetime! Now, I make money in the summer by teaching children how to swim, while being a regular school teacher the rest of the year. Thanks for refreshing my existence!”


“THANK YOU SWIM THAILAND for giving me the career of a lifetime. I’m now a swimming coach to a host of wonderful children, all thanks to your training! The best course I’ve ever had, hands down! I highly recommend this course.”


“I loved the training, but I love even more the job that I got thanks to it! I’m now a fully certified swimming professional, and I just can’t get enough of it. Swim Thailand really changed my life around. I thought I’d be doomed to poverty after failing college, but this was the best thing that happened to me.”